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The process of replacing a fiberglass bathtub is very much time-consuming takes a lot of resources and labor. To most homeowners, refinishing your bathtub during a bathroom upgrade is always a better option than replacing it. 

The only way to give your current and aging fiberglass bathtub a fantastic look is to contact experts from San Diego bathtub reglazing & resurfacing to come and carry out a tub refinishing process on your current fiberglass bathtub.

This bathtub refinishing process is relatively more natural and does not even use so many chemicals.  More importantly, is that it is a process that you can carry out yourself. The steps below should act as an excellent guide to you if you intend to carry out a bathtub refinishing process on your current tub.

Fiberglass Bathtub Refinishing-San Diego Bathtub Reglazing & Tub Resurfacing Pros

Sand your fiberglass tub

You need to, first of all, start by sanding the whole area of your bathtub surface. You can make use of a palm sander with good grit sandpaper. Using a small palm sander will be much better for you than the use of a large palm sender because a small palm sander is easy to maneuver. After the sanding process you may now have to cover the entire surface but at the same time ensuring that you don’t gauge the glass.

Cleaning the tub surface

You may now have to clean the surface using a rag and acetone thoroughly. By so doing, you will be eliminating the greasy residue giving room for proper adhesion by the gel coat. Do this carefully ensuring that no dust remains on the surface. If there is going to be any dust remaining on the surface, then it might form a rough texture upon the application of the coat.

Use tape to cover the surrounding area

After this process ensures you include the whole area with tape to prevent the dust and other objects from accessing the sanded surface. This covering by tape will also ensure that the walls get protected from incidents of overspray.

Begin to spray the gel coat on the fiberglass bathtub.

During the gel coating spraying session, remember to wear a mask since the fumes produced by the gel might be toxic. After wearing the mask, fill the spray gun with your desired gel coat and do a uniform spraying. Balance the gel coat properly to ensure that it is thick but not so dense to the extent of dropping. 

Do the second coat spraying

After you have successfully sprayed the first coat, ensure it is completely dry such that I will be tacky on touch.  After confirming this, you can now go ahead and spray the second coat.  Ensure to adjust your spraying gun to make it spray more gel since at the stage; the skin should be more substantial and uniform at the same time.

Third coat spray

There instances where the second coat of the gel fails to cover the surface completely. In this case, you may need to apply the third coat, but only if it is necessary. After using the third coat, allow it to dry and ensure it’s tacky on the feel. After this stage does not apply any more coat.

Allow the coat to dry and harden

Generally, the fiberglass will automatically set after drying.  However, the time taken to dry will depend on the nature of the color and gloss used during the coating.  After the gel coat has completely dried, ensure to wipe it with a clean rag and acetone. After this process, your bathtub will be left looking unusual and new.  You may now be able to use it for a much more extended period without any issue.

The tips mentioned above should only act as a guide to you should you consider carrying out a fiberglass bathtub refinishing process yourself. However in complicated cases where you feel maybe the problems in your bath are above you and you cannot handle them, then you may need to contact the services of San Diego bathtub reglazing & resurfacing contractors to help you fix the problem.

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