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If you have a bathtub with a porcelain finish that you are using daily, then you must admit that it sometimes gets hard to clean. Generally, after about 15 years of service, the bathtub becomes dull porous, and hard to clean.   Choosing to use an abrasive cleaner like comet and Ajax, may degrade the functionality of your tub.

Bathtubs also crack and chip after a long period of service and this condition might prompt you to consider the option of porcelain tub reglazing. Porcelain tub reglazing ensures that your bathtub is reinstated to its original position just before it got damaged or worn out.

The process might save you so much in terms of resources compared to bathtub replacing, which might need more money and resources to succeed. Porcelain reglazing is one of the best ways of treating your tub should it get damaged or wear off after a long period and use.  The process comes with so many advantages. Some of them are listed below.

Porcelain Tub Reglazing-San Diego Bathtub Reglazing & Tub Resurfacing Pros


If you compare the costs of replacing your tub to that of reglazing then you will realize reglazing your bathtub is much cheaper, the process does not involve so many human resources and equipment to carry out, and in most cases, it lasts just below two hours. Tub replacing, on the other hand, is a complicated process.

From buying the tub transporting and even the placement. In some incidents, you may also need to look for a plumber who will oversee the process of ensuring that pipes connecting water to the tub are removed for the container to get fixed and later fixed back after the bottle has gotten placed. This workforce will set you back more money compared to the tub reglazing [fiberglass bathtub refinishing san diego] where you only need a few people, and sometimes you can even do it yourself.

A quicker process

The process of porcelain tub reglazing is not that time-consuming. It takes very little time to complete. Just around a day or two and you will be able to use your bathtub again. This speed is due to the short work involved in the process. Tub replacing; on the other hand, might take even up to two a week.

In some incidents, you may also find the size of your new bathtub being unable to pass through your door. This problem will demand that you start a process trying to look for alternatives ways through which you can use to move the bathtub into your house. This process might involve breaking and temporarily removing the door to create space for the passage of the tub, which may be time-consuming.

Free of hassle

If you are planning on porcelain tub reglazing then you don’t need to do a lot, the process is hassle-free all you need is to contact experts from San Diego bathtub reglazing & resurfacing to come and carry out the process in your house, and it will only take a shorter time. There is no pipe fixing or breaking the bathtub area like is the case with tub replacing. The experts will only deal with the surface of the bathtub.


When you choose to replace your tub, then the chance is you may not be able to get a bathtub with your preferred color. Instead, you will be forced to settle on the available tubs regardless of the color. This condition does not apply to tub reglazing. In container reglazing, you will be able to request experts from San Diego bathtub reglazing & resurfacing to paint your bath with your preferred color, making it possible for you to customize your tub.

More tub life

Chances are your old tub of 2000 or maybe early ’90s is more durable compared to the current breed of bathtubs.  This durability may be due to the materials used to manufacture the bathtub.  However, even with the top-of-the-line technology used to make the tub, you may find it cracking and chipping due to age. The best thing to do if this is the condition with your tank is to contact experts [bathtub restoration san diego] from San Diego bathtub reglazing & resurfacing to come and reglaze your tub to give a more renewed look.

Porcelain tub reglazing is the best way to deal with your tub issues be it chipping or cracking. The process is cheaper and fast. Use the above tips to know exactly why you should consider this procedure for your worn-out tub.

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